About Nabtesco ITG

We combine long-standing experience in manufacturing engine and compressor parts with modern processing technologies and high in-house production depth. We learned our trade in the motorcycle city of Zschopau. The passion for performance and precision that resides here is what drives us.


Air Compressor

Air Dryer

Crank Shaft


Commercial Vehicles

Climate and Cold



1 Germany: Nabtesco ITG

2 Italy: Nabtesco Oclap S.r.l

3 Switzerland: Gilgen Door Systems AG

4 United Kingdom: Gilgen Door Systems UK Limited

5 Beijing: NABCO Auto Door Co., Ltd.

6 Dalian: Dalian Toyo Jidoki Co., Ltd.

Shanghai: Shanghai Nabtesco Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Shanghai: Nabtesco Marine Machinery Co., Ltd.

Changzhou: Nabtesco Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.

10 Changzhou: Nabtesco Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

11 Changzhou: Nabtesco KTK Railroad Products Co., Ltd.

12 Thailand: Nabtesco Automotive Products Co., Ltd.

13 Thailand: Nabtesco Power Control Co., Ltd.

14 Busan: Nabtesco Marinetec Co., Ltd.

15 Japan: Nabtesco Corporation Head Office

16 Washington: Nabtesco Aerospace, Inc.

17 Wisconsin: NABCO Entrances, Inc.

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